Pornicate Review – Why Is Fornication Still a Sin?

Pornicate is one of the newest cam sites in the adult industry and quickly gaining widespread attention. Members have access to livestream chat sessions with amateur performers who participate in GOLD or Private Chat sessions – as well as additional add-ons that allow members to interact more closely with their favorite performers.

“Fornication” is composed of four Hebrew and three Greek words (zanah, taznuwth, porneia and ekporneuo), all related to sexual congress outside monogamous marriage. Biblically this term may refer to illicit sexual congress outside monogamous marriage – adultery, homosexual acts, incest, child molestations, engaging in dildosex with animals or objects as well as dollsex or phonesex are considered forms of fornication and condemned by Paul’s episles written to Corinthians and Ephesians respectively.

Concerning fornication being still considered sinful today, that’s harder to pin down. While courts have generally upheld personal sexual activity protection under the Constitution and laws against fornication have largely been overturned due to it, sexual taboos still exist and continue to be challenged as society becomes more progressive.

Another factor at work here is fornication’s depiction of reality as opposed to Christ’s presentation of himself to his church in covenantal marriage, where Christ is one flesh with his church. According to Apostle Paul, fornication can lead people down an unhealthy spiritual path that has no connection with Jesus’s real gospel message.

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