Women Dog Knot

Women Dog Knot

Women Who Experience Dog Sex

Zoophiles report finding the experience both pleasurable and intense. Although it takes some time for the base (the knot) of a male penis to swell up and lock inside her bitch’s clit, when it does it leads to many powerful orgasms.

It is quite normal for female reproductive tracts to expand for 10-30 minutes during fertilization to increase chances of fertilization while simultaneously discouraging other males from mating with them quickly and dislodging his sperm from reaching an egg, increasing fertilization odds. Furthermore, this allows other men from instantly mating with females in an attempt to displace his own.

Woman’s vulvae contain muscular bands which contract during sexual intercourse to press against the knot of her partner’s penis and force it against her vagina, creating what’s known as a Dog Knot and an essential part of mating processes.

When couples first begin mating for the first time, it can become very confusing and uncomfortable during mating. Forceful attempts to pull apart can result in serious injuries; therefore, it’s best to leave them be until their knot loosens naturally.

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