Shirleyni is a TikTok Celebrity and Social Entrepreneur


Shirleyni is an internationally-recognized TikTok celebrity and social entrepreneur best known for her nonprofit organization Beauty 2 The Streetz. She frequently posts videos documenting her volunteer efforts on TikTok; currently, she boasts 5 million followers!

Laverne and Shirley made an unforgettable television show. You could tell when Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams began singing their catchy but corny little chant, signaling dessert time on air. It quickly became a fan favorite, catapulting both stars to stardom while catalyzing millions to tune into Laverne & Shirley’s popularity and fortune for decades to come.

Many fans may be surprised to learn that the term originated in real life: The Yiddish words schlemiel and schlimazel (translated as “unlucky bungler” and “consistently unlucky”) can often be heard spoken aloud in Jewish homes according to Merriam-Webster.

Caesar graduated from Hillside High School in Durham and initially went to North Carolina Central to study business education; however, she decided instead to follow her passion and auditioned with Albertina Walker’s gospel group instead.

The Caravans invited her to join, and over time she traveled extensively around the world as a member. While traveling extensively she also continued caring for her ill mother while spending quality time with family – hosting family gatherings and singing at local churches when time permitted.

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