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Pang Bo is an immortal sprout with an extraordinary talent who stands out as a rare and gifted individual, known for his strong will but tempered by subtle sensibility from upbringing under the red flag. He endured three mortal years spent in darkness, two-and-a-half years spent refining in an extinct volcano’s refining formation, as well as years being controlled by demon/monster vessels aiming for Great Emperor stage.

Ye Fan quickly understood cultivation common sense and reached Foundations Realm within months, taking several months thereafter to sensing his Wheel of Life and opening his Sea of Bitterness slightly. Furthermore, he had created his own self-refined device for channeling essence qi through it (Immortal Platform Realm Stage 3).

His blood contains fragments from his ancestor’s avenue, enabling him to rapidly transform into a Great Demon/Monster with each passing day of development of his extraordinary body defying human physique standards. Due to these irregularities in his bloodline, the Third Valley Lord from Myriad Demon/Monster Valley of Mount Daba initiates a secret investigation.

Goddess Furnace Shen Nu Lu – Temporarily borrowed Legacy-type Saint treasure that regulates nature fire, used for protection and defense weaponry; Purple Gold Bottle Zi Jin Hu Lu – Temporarily borrowed incomplete Quasi-Emperor weapon owned by Yin Tiande that served for combat until combined with other materials to create the Black Pearl ship.

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