Mayamochis – An Introduction to Maya Philosophy


Mayamochis are traditional Japanese sweets filled with various flavors and a chewy texture that are satisfyingly enjoyable. Perfect as an afternoon treat or light and refreshing snack in between meals or when looking for something refreshingly light to snack on between meals – their history dates back to early Edo period when first invented!

The Maya civilization flourished across Central America, from southeast Mexico through Guatemala, Belize and western Honduras and El Salvador. They amassed an extensive cultural legacy with various beliefs, practices and texts.

At its height in the Classic Period (250-900 AD), advanced Maya culture reached its pinnacle. Monumental stelae with glyphic texts and “Long Count” dates began appearing throughout Mayan cities, while an Ajaw priest-ruler with divine aspects emerged.

Postcontact period writings like the Popol Vuh were first composed as soon as Spanish conquistadors arrived in late 16th century, following Spanish conquest of Maya territory by conquistadors from Europe. This K’iche’ text covers many subjects from creation myths to sacrifice and adaptation; including discussions of spiritual evolution.

One way of delving further into Maya philosophy can be gained through examination of Rabinal Achi, a K’iche’ text from the Postclassic period that relies heavily on dance as symbolism and expression, as well as various strands of thought such as epistemology that recognizes objects as having the potential for communication. These texts offer excellent overviews of Precolumbian Maya philosophical, religious, and political thought.

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