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This sexy model owns and runs one of the most engaging websites on Literotica. She is well known for her quality writing and ability to take her stories even further; not to mention, her sexual fantasies rival any she creates in her fiction writing!

She was stunning, with long dark locks falling over her perfect shoulders and her naked body was an object of both desire and lust, begging to be touched. Reaching out with her hand, she gently caressed the soft folds of her tight cunt. Slick with honey, it was soft to the touch – something he sorely desired being close enough to touch.

His mind raced as he imagined touching her silky smooth clitoris, yet he resisted the urge. He knew this was going to be an intense ride and wanted to take his time enjoying her slowly and completely. She was so hot and tight he felt his thick cock vibrate within her and soon afterward she began to fuck him hard and fast.

He longed for her, eager to lick those deep red lips of his favorite playmate. She begged him not to leave yet again so he stroked her crotch while pushing his rock hard member deep into her wet cunt.

She was so desperate for pleasure and ready to make him gasp in exhilaration. Her thigh was raised high and her dildo lay exposed for him to explore with his rough hands.

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