High Definition (HDTV)

Hd Tube

High definition (HD) refers to an aspect ratio used in video imaging and television broadcasting. It’s the standard video display format on computers, devices and other forms, defined in ITU-R BT.709 international broadcasting standards; additionally it refers to image quality and resolution on digital television sets that use HDTV technology.

Small-bore nasogastric feeding tubes remain an increasingly popular method of providing enteral nutrition and medication to individuals who cannot take in enough oral nutrition due to barriers in their way. While generally safe, significant pulmonary trauma such as pneumothorax may occur.

Hemoptysis, pleural effusion and pneumonia can also result from improper feeding tube placement, but their incidence remains relatively low; typically they don’t become evident until significant clinical or radiographic features emerge.

Hypergranulation tissue formation is one of the most frequent G-tube complications, affecting 44%-68% of patients who undergo G-tube placement. Symptoms: Excess vascularized scar tissue develops due to chronic irritation during the initial granulation and epithelialisation stages of wound healing, leading to excessive scarring in response. Treatment options for hypergranulation tissue may include chemical cautery with silver nitrate, polyurethane foam padding, washcloth abrasion, laser ablation and the application of hydrocolloid dressings. This study sought to assess the efficacy of two commercially available hydrocolloid dressings–standard HD and silver-impregnated HD –in preventing hypergranulation tissue formation. Patients were assigned either standard postoperative care (control group), either standard HD group (standard HD group or silver HD group) for 30 days with each dressing before being switched out as treatment continued.

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