Gluten Free Hula Hoop Crisps


Hula Hoop-shaped potato crisps made with potatoes and rice flour cooked in sunflower oil are free from gluten, wheat, barley, rye and maize flour (which may contain traces of gluten) as well as artificial flavours or colours and dairy/nut free – the ideal snack to enjoy while watching television or share with others.

Coeliac UK have confirmed that these crisps are gluten free and safe for people with coeliac disease, however like all crisps they should still be examined closely for potential ‘may contain” warnings due to ingredients changing from batch to batch and even store to store.

Many comments emphasized the need for a uniform definition of “gluten-free,” to assist consumers in selecting foods without gluten and avoiding those that might contain trace amounts of it. They noted that when multiple products of similar types, such as single ingredient foods and food combinations containing added ingredients are labeled with the term “gluten-free,” consumers could become confused and incorrectly assume all products labeled with “gluten-free” are actually gluten free.

Multiple comments noted the existence of processes for extracting gluten from food produced with gluten-containing ingredients, and suggested that since such processes could happen at any stage in production, manufacturers could claim “gluten-free” label for such food regardless of when or if such removal occurred before or after product preparation.

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