Gaybeast Com Review

Gaybeast Com

Animal rights activists are gladly cheering the apparent financial failure of several websites and forums promoting sexual bestiality, wholly to the detriment of animals. “It’s mind-boggling even to imagine such sites exist,” states Wayne Pacelle of Animal Wellness Action. “Let’s hope their demise is permanent.”


What does Gay Beast mean?
The name of the band Gay Beast is a play on words taken from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie. Although controversial at times, its message of sexual liberation and individualism have had a lasting influence on music, fashion, and activism worldwide.

Gay Beast’s music serves as an anthem for LGBTQ pride and support for the community, garnering millions of record sales worldwide and becoming one of the most influential bands ever. They have made themselves well-known with their outrageous style and unique musical sound; many consider them one of the greatest bands ever formed!

On first listen, the band’s second album appears harsh and discordant. With its blend of screechy guitar, mad drumming, arcade bleeps, and speaker feedback that often obscures Devo-esque vocalist Dan Luedtke’s melodic wail; its intensity serves to discomfit listeners – exactly its purpose.

But if you listen carefully, GB’s music becomes more approachable. Their eclectic instrumentation draws influence from everything from free jazz to Indian carnatic music; there are moments in both tracks (Sunny Opener and Dark Closer) where cohesion and purpose emerges; their methods allow them to channel their chaotic energy into cohesive whole while remaining eccentric enough to surprise listeners.

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