Flossy Flossy

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She looked like the girl next door; shy but cute and pretty; someone you would consider dating but also find completely irresistible in bed. That was why Paul fell for her; she had wide hips that tapered down into very curvy thighs with a dark crack in the center, latex panties framing her narrow waist, and held herself proudly when walking – something Paul loved immensely about her!

He was immediately struck by her seductive blonde locks, big green glass eyes and soft hands – she even wore a velvet dress with long sleeves and open back; all while maintaining an innocent yet sweet expression that made him wonder about what thoughts were running through her mind about him next door.

As we left the restaurant, she looked at me with bright eyes and quivering lips; I knew she wanted nothing more than to hold onto me again and be in my arms again.’ From The Flossy Flap Tapes of From The Floss To The World LLC

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