Ethanandval – A Novella Review

Val rubbed her temples nervously as the bickering between boys and men around her was making her uncomfortable.

Ethan sneezed over his window trim work and she found it amusing, even if she knew it was wrong to. With four children underfoot and five if including her husband Luke, keeping everyone fed and clothed was no easy feat; sometimes patience slipped from her shoulders but Luke handled discipline better – it should be his job not hers, she thought with a chuckle.

Val’s gaze fell upon an old gray cabin, and she nodded. Everyone was discussing remodeling it to accommodate Renee’s hearing loss and accommodate for her new baby, but Renee was resistant. After Julie was abducted by stalkers and left unconscious inside it by her former lover’s ex-partner, Renee locked it tight and refused to accept anyone coming near it; but now everyone was encouraging her to move forward and let it all go.

Val had recently met her co-founder of EDGE Sound Research, an internationally acclaimed hearing-enhancement tech startup through UCR alumni network and was fortunate enough to present it at Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Val hoped Renee would realize it would be best if they opened up Gray Cabin to all family members so their parents could witness its contents first-hand.

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