Elderly Nudes

Elderly Nudes

Though popular culture often treats sexuality as something to joke about after a certain age, artist Marilyn Minter aimed to change that with Elderly Nudes series. Minter recruited people as old as 89 to pose nudie in her studio for photographs documenting their intimate love and affection between each of them.

Rarely have artists tackled nudity as an art subject; it can feel uncomfortable. Photographer Jocelyn Lee is drawn to photographing elderly women in natural settings and has spent her career documenting this fascinating body type.

She recently showcased her artwork at beinArt Gallery in Brooklyn as part of their Stark Realism exhibition, alongside hyperrealist paintings by Effie Pryer and Ville Lopponen, in a show called Stark Realism. Their pieces examine human bodies as an antidote against diminishment or erasure of forms.

Elderly Sex will open in April at LGDR in New York City and features two models as part of an exhibition entitled Elderly Sex. Photographs accompany stories about their sexual lives with long-term partners as well as ongoing sexual pleasure.

Police report that Smith sent about 20 “explicit and private” images displaying patients at Kane McKeesport Community Living Center who needed immediate care or who were in sensitive situations directly to her boyfriend at the hospital, prompting him to report her on April 5. Staff then immediately reached out to KDKA-TV.

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