Bunny Panda – A Symbol of Peace in Chinese Culture

Bunny Panda, an adorable panda living in China and serving as a symbol of peace in Chinese culture, is also popularly adopted into families as both pet and toy for kids.

Giant Pandas are usually active at dusk and spend their days making dens in caves, hollow trees or dense thickets. To mark their territory they use anal gland secretions from their anal glands on rocks and tree trunks – male pandas may overlap with several female territories during breeding season in spring when male pandas attempt to mate with several of these females at once! They are fiercely protective over their domain and will chase any intruders away – sometimes up to 200 km per day!

Pandas are herbivorous creatures that consume bamboo as the foundation for over 95% of their diet, evolving to live this vegetarian lifestyle by developing special paws with bony “pseudo thumbs” to handle bamboo shoots, and by adopting black and white stripes similar to Chinese symbols for yin and yang for camouflage and communication purposes – an adaptation which may also serve to camouflage from predators.

Pandas may not be as intelligent as dogs or cats, but they are nonetheless extremely loving and affectionate towards their family. When seeking affection from humans they will hold out their paws when seeking petting or when feeling submissive or vulnerable; alternatively they may put their head between their front legs if feeling submissive or vulnerable. Pandas communicate with other pandas through body language, high-pitched barks/growls or hiding eyepatches with their paws to display aggression towards another panda.

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